Passaic pediatric doctor

Passaic Pediatric Doctor

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Urgent medical care in Passaic

There is a crisis brewing in our medical care these days –the problem of access. If you are fine and need routine treatment you can book an appointment with your doctor weeks in advance but if you suddenly become ill or injured you may not be able to see your primary care doctor for two weeks, which maybe too late if that cold you have isn’t really just a cold. The other option has always been to head over to the local emergency room for care and incur hours of waiting to be seen and exorbitant costs. At Passaic Medical and Wellness we have another way for you to get the care you and any other member of your family need. If you need medical attention just walk in and see our doctor, if you child is sick they can see our certified Passaic pediatric doctor.

Our practice has certified, and highly experienced doctors and nurse-practitioners ready to treat you whenever you need us. We are a full-service urgent and primary care facility that is equipped with the latest technology to deal with a wide-range of medical issues, short of truly immediate life-threatening situations. We treat adults as well as children over the age of 10. When it comes to our pediatric practice our Passaic pediatric doctor responds to the common medical issues but also provides vaccinations as well as treating children for childhood infectious diseases, skin conditions, acne, athlete’s foot, cold sores, eczema and dry skin, impetigo, minor burns and rashes, minor skin infections, sunburn, minor wound care, poison ivy and poison oak, psoriasis, ringworm, skin lesions, rashes, swimmer’s itch and wart removal among many other conditions.

Our practice offers quality medical care when you need it. We’ll see you at your convenience not ours. We’re also open evenings and weekends to attend to your medical needs. If you are in need of medical attention come see us, or if you child is not feeling right or has been injured bring them to our Passaic pediatric doctor.

916 Main Avenue Suite 2B
Passaic, NJ. 07055
(862) 227-1775

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