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Nephrology in Passaic

We’re pleased to offer a wide array of valuable and essential services related to your health here at Passaic Medical and Wellness. Among them is nephrology, which is related to your kidneys and the conditions and diseases that can impair their function.

There is no doubt that among your vital bodily organs, the kidneys serve a crucial role. There is a tendency, though, to take them for granted. When they are operating properly, doing their job 24 hours per day, you don’t have to think much about them. But what happens when one or both of your kidneys begin to have problems? That’s when you take advantage of our Passaic nephology, which is the medical specialty devoted to this organ. Unfortunately, as a kidney malfunctions, there is always an eye on its possible failure, which then puts additional stress on your other kidney. Furthermore, any issue that is likely to affect one kidney may then affect the other. There are two ways that failing kidneys are dealt with: dialysis and transplantation. We understand that neither is an ideal situation, but you need the help and guidance of an expert doctor in navigating through these potential results. Though less urgent in terms of long term effects, kidney stones are also a common occurrence and one that is treated here by our Passaic nephrology. You may also experience effects of diabetes in the disease known as diabetic nephropathy. Every step of the way, whether you are getting medical treatment, dialysis, or you need surgery, you will have the peace of mind to know that your well-being is a top priority and that your best interests are being considered, including when offering treatment options, when applicable.

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