Internal medicine office in Passaic

Internal Medicine Office in Passaic

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Internal medicine in Passaic

It is internal medicine that is the baseline for your ongoing health, so making sure you go the most reliable skilled doctor is a high priority. At Passaic Medical and Wellness, it is our highest goal to be your partner when it comes to preventive care, regular checkups, screenings, and treatment. When you talk, we listen.

Our internal medicine office in Passaic recommends that you have a yearly physical examination. There are many benefits associated with doing so, including staying ahead of potential problems, getting a baseline of where your health status is at the moment, and identifying areas of improvement moving forward. Concerns like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose are essential information, and if those or other key numbers are off, it’s either an indication of a challenge that needs to be addressed, or a symptom of a condition or ailment that is not yet diagnosed. Between those examinations, however, you should feel free to make appointments when something is bothering you. At our internal medicine office in Passaic, we should be your first call when you have a stomachache, a bad cough, flu-like symptoms, or pain of any kind. The truth is that many situations become worse simply because the patient delayed getting attention for it. Our doctor cannot help you if you don’t let us know that something is wrong. It is also possible to monitor chronic and ongoing conditions with regular sessions to determine how things are progressing. We also handle all needed testing, vaccinations (including the flu shot), and employer and drug screenings, among other valuable assistance.

Take advantage of the full range of services that our internal medicine office in Passaic offers. There’s no better time than right now to call us and schedule a visit for an checkup or to have something that’s bothering you looked into more closely.

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